Our Profile

We provide actuarial assistance in employee benefit management, which includes actuarial valuations of employee benefit liability in compliance to various accounting standards, and consulting on benefit schemes.

Our actuaries also strive to become true financial and actuarial advisors by providing consulting in insurance and pension fund areas, adding value to the insurance  companies as well as the pension fund sponsors.


Life Insurance

we are a market leader  in the insurance industry with over 20% of penetration. This is corollary to our outstanding consultants with extensive  working experiences in the top management roles of multi-national companies. These valuable assets enable us to play a key role in supporting the industry develop actuarial standard practices, while also assisting the accounting standard board for the implementation of a revised insurance accounting standard that complies with international best practices.

Employee Benefit

Presently, we assist over 1000 companies in various industries in valuation of their benefit liability. We are also acknowledged in the short lists of many accounting firms and attain new clients from the recommendations of our existing satisfied clients. With a 96% probability of our clients re-appointing us in subsequent valuations, we are confident that we are regarded as one of the best and most reliable actuarial consulting companies here in Indonesia.

General Insurance

Due to the IFRS Convergence that started in 2012, many general insurance companies have relied on actuarial consulting for the calculation of their reserve. We are proud to claim that we are among the first actuarial consultants in Indonesia to have the competency in assisting insurance companies transitionally apply this new and complex valuation standard. We gain our clients trust by succeeding in elaborating complex and abstract actuarial calculations into something more simple and understandable. This supremacy makes us a market leader not only in life insurance, but also in general insurance with a penetration of 17.8%.

Training & Consultancy

unlike most consultants who do not transfer their proficiency to their clients, we extend our line of service by providing a training program that will help our clients obtain the same amount of expertise our company has. We believe  this is the ultimate solution to revealing our Actuarial Pandora Box. Aside from a training program, we also offer consultancy services as a part of our process in helping the industry to build the capacity of the Indonesia actuary to be actuarial and financial advisor. These consultancy services will assist our clients in solving a variety of actuarial problems and in achieving actuarial initiatives.